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Roughish running engine once warmed up

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Registreringsdatum: 24 april 2018
Inlägg: 9

InläggPostat: mån maj 21, 2018 11:53    Rubrik: Roughish running engine once warmed up Svara med citat


I got a weird car problem (1990 Honda Accord) that started suddenly a few weeks ago where the car runs completely fine when the engine is cold, but as soon as the engine warms up, it hesitates/jerks during acceleration, and has rough idling. Also the car has reduce gas mileage as well. Once the car gets to a higher RPM >3000 or so, it also runs fine… but seems like there is a bit of reduced power. There is also no check engine light coming on, but I think with a car this old, only a few things like ignition issues trigger the error codes. So since it does run fine cold, I think ignition issues, fuel delivery issues can probably be assumed to be okay. The only thing that comes to mind is air/fuel mixture ratio just seems off once the engine warms up.
Initially I thought it was the MAP sensor since it isn’t needed too much when the engine is cold, but I did a Vacuum voltage test and the voltage scales smoothly with vacuum and pressure.
Next I looked at the EGR valve which on this car doesn’t open until the engine warms up. Supposedly it only opens a little during idle and up to about 3000 RPM once the engine is warm, and is supposed to recirculate exhaust gas that contains unburned fuel back into the intake manifold. I think because perhaps the valve never opens and the engine never gets the extra amount of fuel into the manifold, it hesitates and stumbles until the engine RPM reaches above 3000. The valve itself seems fine, and after cleaning it with carburetor cleaner it seemed like to runs a little better but still pretty bad.
So now I’m looking at the EGR vacuum solenoid which doesn’t seem to ever engage, which prevents vacuum from reaching the EGR valve and open the valve. I’m not quite sure how to check if the solenoid is defective or not. The car is having some weird electrical problems, and it could be some issues with wiring that is not connected properly/worn out, but so far all the wires I checked have good continuity.
I think the solenoid can also be checked to see if it is shorted out or if the coil burned out, and I could check with an ohm meter, but I’m not sure how much resistance is normal… I’m guessing somewhere around 50 ohms?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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